Shameful Past

A few hours ago, when I was dealing with my thesis, I've come up with a Python function that constructs a tour for a given TSP instance using the nearest neighbor heuristic:

def nearestneighbor(size, dists):
   tour = [0]*size
   candy = [True]*size
   candy[0] = False

   for i in range(1, size):
       prev = tour[i - 1]
       tour[i] = min([(dists[prev][c], c)
           for c in range(size) if candy[c] and  c != prev])[1]
       candy[tour[i]] = False

   return tour

Not too bad... Then I dig into old Python code that I wrote last year, the times when I was quitting C++ and beginning to use Python; and find this piece of code that consists of a class named Nearestneighbor doing (almost) the same thing as the function above:

class Nearestneighbor:
   def __init__(self, dists):
       self.__dists = dists
       self.dimension = dists.shape[0]

   def construct(self, startcity = None):
       if startcity is None:
           self.startcity = rnd.randint(self.dimension)
       else: self.startcity = startcity

       self.tour = [self.startcity]
       cities = range(self.dimension)
       del cities[self.startcity]

        while cities:
            ndist = sys.maxint  # nearest :) distance
            nindex = 0  # nearest city's index
            pcity = self.tour[-1]  # previous city
            ndist = self.__dists[pcity,cities[nindex]]

            for i in range(1, len(cities)):
                dist = self.__dists[pcity,cities[i]]
                if dist < ndist:
                    nindex = i
                    ndist = dist

            del cities[nindex]

Well, this is definitely not my favorite piece of Python code ;-)