Ubuntu is Great

Last week, I received 20 (1 install + 1 live) Ubuntu Linux 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) CDs FOR FREE (details will follow). Of course in no time I installed it. I have to say that Hoary rocks! I was using Warthy before, and this new release fixes the few problems Warthy had (e.g., my Kingston USB-disk is now recognized, and my computer turns off when I log out.)

The new version of Ubuntu, Breezy Badger is on its way out but let me write some of the features of Hoary:

Well, after installation of the base system, I ran Synaptic and downloaded other software I frequently use, such as wxPython for GUI programming with Python ( is the latest in the repository though, I hope will be available soon), Thunderbird (1.06) for reading my mail (Evolution 2.2 is installed by default).

Now the FOR FREE part... Most Linux distros are downloadable for free, but Ubuntu won't charge anything even sending the CDs to you in reasonable quantities. There are people who asked for and received 100 CDs! I was not greedy that much however, so I only asked for 20. If you are nearby EMU Department of Computer Engineering room 124, you may take one free from me. Or you may order some CDs for yourself at Ubuntu shipit. Don't forget to read the FAQ though. (Note: The CD distribution is closed until the release of Breezy, which will be releason on October.)