The Gods Made Heavy Metal in Istanbul

The eminent heavy metal band Manowar was in Istanbul, Turkey on August 6th 2005. The concert was at Yedikule (7 Towers) Dungeons, the perfect place for it. It was also raining and thundering when the band was playing Hail and Kill. The show was in one word, PERFECT!, we kept ...

heavy metal

Generating All Strings of a Given Alphabet

For a recent research project, I had to write a function that generates all the strings of a given alphabet. It was (as always) very easy to figure it out in Python, only 5 minutes; below is the code (with modifications, I've polished the idea a bit):

def allstrings ...


Accumulator Generator

In his accumulator generator page, Paul Graham compares several languages to solve a particular problem that is quoted below (apparently, he has chosen this example in favor of his new Lisp-like language Arc):

The problem: Write a function foo that takes a number n and returns a function that takes ...

accumulator generator
Paul Graham

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

The following is one of the ways to do 99 bottles of beer in Marvin. If you don't know what I mean, check 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

99 ^beers
%beers 0 >
    " bottle(s) of beer" & dup " on the wall," & println
    "." & println
    "Take one down, pass ...

99 bottles

Infix Comparison in Marvin

Here is a sample Marvin code that converts an infix expression into postfix. I have also posted this one to the InfixComparison page of Concatenative Languages Wiki. (Note from the future: Sadly, these links are broken.)

# infix.mar | Converts an infix expression into postfix

# This implementation uses the global variable ...


Infix to Postfix Converter Class in Marvin

Here is an object oriented version of the infix to postfix converter written in Marvin:

# infixoop.mar | Converts an infix expression into postfix

# This implementation uses the object data as a hash-table
#    for operator precedence.

"listop forth dequeop" use

    @new  # define the hash-table for operator precedence
        FALSE ^++ ^+- ^-+ ^-- ^*+ ^*- ^** ^*/ ^/+ ^/- ^/* ://
        TRUE ^+* ^+/ ^-* :-/ me ...


Another Currying Example in Marvin

Please see my previous post before if you haven't done so.

I've quoted David Mertz's article Charming Python in my previous post. In that article, (besides other things) a Haskell function is curryied as:

computation a b c d = (a + b^2+ c^3 + d^4)

Then ...


Currying in Marvin

Yesterday, I figured out a way (which was very obvious) to curry a routine in Marvin. First of all, what's currying?

Currying is named after the logician Haskell Curry. (...) The underlying insight of "currying" is that it is possible to treat (almost) every function as a partial function of ...


IEEE NNS 2003 Student Travel Grant Recipients for CEC2003

51 applications were received. 20 travel grants are being awarded. For Australian recipients the travel grant will be $350, for all others it will be $800.

Travel grants of US$800 (outside of Australia):

  • Yuce Tekol, Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey
  • Feng Xue, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
  • Yew Jin Lim, National ...


Prisoner's Dilemma in IEEE Looking Forward Magazine Fall 2003 Issue

To Cooperate or To Defect: That's the Prisoner's Dilemma is a short article about prisoner's dilemma and genetic algorithms.


Prisoner’s Dilemma is the most studied game among evolutionary computation researchers. The game is extremely simple to play: each player has only two choices, either cooperation ...

prisoner's dilemma
genetic algorithms
computational intelligence